Carbon Magazine
Evident in everything from the cities we live in to the rings on our
fingers, carbon has been a follower of man throughout time. An
element with seemingly endless amounts of theoretical possibilities,
carbon is an adaptable and bonded part of life that forms the basis of
all organic things found in the universe.

Created by myself and a group of classmates, Carbon Magazine
is a pulication that could offer a socially conscious, contemporary
and meaningful platform for creative and readers to come together
in a manifestation of art, design and fashion. With a diverse mix of
international voices and talent, as a group, we hope this magazine
can provide a true-to-life narrative for readers to explore as we begin
by looking at something vital to our ethos as a creative family.

Feb 2017.  Filed under: #creativedirection, #graphicdesign, #brandidentity, #videography, #fashion

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